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So a week ago I took my ASVAB. I scored a 54 AFQT score. My GT score was 106 and my CO was 99. This was good enough for the Army Infantry. I wanted a GT of 110 or higher which is needed for Ranger and SF contracts. I could always take my ASVAB again tho after being regular infantry for awhile.

Yesterday I went down to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) to take my Physical. It was definitely a experience. I met up with my recruiter at 4am in Pasadena. The first thing I did with my recruiter was take a drug test. I passed this test of course. After taking a piss test with my recruiter I headed down to the MEPS. My recruiter dropped me off and I entered the MEPS. Once in MEPS I started off taking the briefing in a room with a bunch of other people. This only lasted about 10 minutes. After the briefing room we were to go to the counsolors office for the respected branch you were entering. I went to the US Army office. They checked our papers and made sure we passed our pre-screening drug test with the recruiter.

After getting papers ready we proceeded down the hall to the physical area. The first thing we did down there was have a physical briefing and sign papers. When this finished, I started the physical. The physical consisted of hearing, vision, drug test, doctor exam, and group physical exam. I passed everything except the color vision test. I guess I’m colorblind… I can see every color but on color blind tests I fail. I’m not sure why this is. So basically, I found out I was red/green colorblind.

After finishing my physical I called my recruiter to pick me up. We discussed that I was color blind and 11B Infantry in the Army is not an option.Combat positions and computer positions in the Army require red/green color vision. This got me pretty upset because I really wanted to be Infantry. My recruiter explained� there is still other jobs in the Army that I could get but he wasn’t sure what they were yet. He is gonna look up what jobs are available to me and get back to me. Once I got back home I started doing some of my own research.

After doing some research online, I found out that you can be colorblind as a Infantryman in the Marine Corps. I confirmed this by calling a recruiter in Culver City. This opened up my eyes to joining the Marine Corps. I had looked at the Marines before I started working with the Army. The reason I had choose the Army over the Marines at first was the Army had more options for someone with a degree.� I have set up a appointment with a marine recruiter today. I’m going to hear more about what my options could be in the Marines. I really want to be Infantry because that seems like the best for me.


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  1. this is a little late, but you shouldve requested the vivid red/green test. you can be army infantry and colorblind as long as you can tell vivid red from vivid green.

  2. I am apparently Red Green colorblind it doesn’t run in the family at all. I am in ROTC (non contracted) my goal is to be a SF officer. With this bullshit that could come crashing down WTF. I can see red and greens and no problem what so ever. I passed my dad’s colorblind test which was hard as hell but i passed it. Can anyone help me here. Email me a

  3. Basically. The two different branches have different standards. You can’t be in any special units like force recon tho as a colorblind in the Marines.

  4. I have the same problem, i recently found out im color blind too. All i’ve ever wanted to be is a Ranger and now im not sure what to do. My recruiter said i can maybe get a waiver, then go back to MEPS and they will give me another kind of test (light sticks?) I really hope i can get around this, i can see colors fine and it doesnt affect my life what so ever until now. It’s more of like a technical thing

  5. I took the Ishiara test, and the FALANT lantern test at MEPS. I failed both. It’s pretty sad that even for computer jobs in the Military, you have to have vivid red and green color vision. I’m a computer programmer now and have no issues doing my job. I wonder how many people each year get denied because of being colorblind.

  6. i failed the colorblind test they give all the applicants but passed the one they gave army applicants and ill i wanna do is infantry. but hopefully i can get around it

  7. Im from australia and its the same across all the defence forces army nay and air force.

    I wanted to be in the army as a rifleman but im also red/green colourblind.

    Would love to know if the USMC will take me as a rifleman is that at all possible?

  8. I’m red/green color blind and im going to meps next week guess i’ll ask for the ophthalmological test.

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