Sails.js Web Framework

Posted by Tully on Mon 20 July 2015

This weekend I started looking at a Node.js framework called Sails.js. Sails is a MVC style framework that is designed to make development of modern enterprise Node.js applications fast and easy.

Sails bundles with the Waterline ORM. Waterline provides a simple and powerful API for accessing data from different kinds of databases, protocols, and third-party APIs. This allows you to read and write data using the same code whether it lives in Redis, MySQL, LDAP, MongoDB, or Postgres.

With Sails, you can auto-generate REST APIs. Sails comes bundled with blueprints which will help you jumpstart a back-end API without writing any code.

A cool feature of Sails is that it will support WebSockets right from the start. Sails translates all incoming socket messages for you. This makes it so that every request is compatible with your Sails application.

I put together a presentation of the Sails framework using Google Slides.

This is basically the "Features" and "Anatomy of a Sails App" sections put together with screenshots.

Sails Web Framework Slides