White Power!

So today was a pretty tiring day. I’ve been caffeinated off loads of Mt.Dew which is probably the only way I’ve been able to stay awake and focused. I started off my day by getting up around 10am. I know that’s not very early, but I didn’t end up sleeping til at least 4 or 5am. So after getting out of bed and taking a quick shower, I popped a caffeine pill and started drinking my first Mt.Dew of the day.
After arriving at work, I found out that a database that was being imported last night did not go through. Only half of the tables in the database were present. I found out later that the database dump I took from my local dev box was bad. My devel box ran out of space when doing the dump so I had only taken half of what was needed. I spent a majority of the day deleting entries and various text from the sql dump. I did this to make it smaller. After doing this for awhile I was able to get the dump to a smaller size. I then SCP(Secure Copied) it over from my dev box to staging. I imported it into the staging DB and all went good.
After work I had Spanish class. I was late to class tonight. This was because I didn’t end up getting to work as early I anticipated. During class the professor handed back our graded quizzes and homework. I definitely figured out tonight that I need to do a lot more studying. Class ended around 10pm and I drove home.
Once arriving at my apartment, I made myself some food, checked my email/myspace/facebook, and watched Army Infantry videos on YouTube. I then took a shower and started watching band of brothers. I just finished watching episode 3 right now. I’m gonna finish this entry by leaving you with a video I came across on youtube. I thought this was pretty funny.