Xfce 4 Sound Not Working Fix

Posted by Tully on Sat 29 June 2013

When I switched over to Xfce 4 from Gnome 2, I noticed that my sound stopped working. I spent a while Googling and reading other users fixes for the issue. A lot of the solutions I found, did not work for me. I am going to list the 3 steps that worked for me when figuring out the audio problem.

Step 1

Pulse audio and Xfce seemed to just not get a long. So I removed it. Multiple websites and threads I read stated to do this.

# yum -y remove pulseaudio

Step 2

If your sound is working now as a root user, but not as a normal user, try adding yourself to the audio group. (I don't like this fix, but till I have a better solution this is it).

Check to see if your already part of the audio group.

# id your_username

If your not part of the group, add yourself

# chmod -a -G audio your_username

After making the changes above, log off and log back on.

Step 3

If it's still not working, try playing a audio file from the command line. If your getting a permission error, you probably don't have access to the sound devices in /dev/snd.

Play a sound from the command line

$ aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Noise.wav

Check the permissions for the sound devices in /dev/snd

$ ls -la /dev/snd

Does the audio group have permission? If not add the group.

# chmod -R root:audio /dev/snd